Standardised Recipes


Hi all

I was just wondering if anyone has done up any of their standardised recipes since the last workshop?

I am still working on mine.
Don’t have a lot of time at the moment to do work stuff at home.

Also, how much stuff for work do you all do at home and in your own time?


I haven’t started working on my recipes yet, very time poor especially after orange week. I know what I want on the new menu just trying to find time to begin as I work a second job. In answer to your question, I spend a lot of time sorting out work things at home, only way to get anything done, I go to the supermarket in my time as well, as well as all the training on jigsaw. I’m getting a lot better on a computer though. Katrina.


Great to see discussions on the discussion board! :slight_smile:

Just letting you know, in Workshop 3 (occurring in September), we will be discussing a recap on standard recipes, and time efficiency in the kitchen (along with many other things).

You will be able to get some tips at this workshop to assist with your discussion
Warm regards and looking forward to seeing you then,

The Food Foundations Team