Healthy no bake snacks (Early Years)


I’m in need of any no bake or no cooking required recipe ideas savoury would be better sweet but low in sugar. and preferably something I can make in bulk and freeze ? this is for a day care centre.


Hi Sheree,

You could try a no bake oat bar, but add a small touch of mild curry powder instead of fruit. Frozen fruit and yoghurt blends are also popular.

Mini corn cobs, homemade meat balls, homemade frittatas and quiches or savoury scrolls are great little savoury snacks to make in advance and freeze, but you would need an oven initially.

What sort of snacks are you making at the moment?

Amelia Webster
Dietitian/ Nutritionist
NAQ Nutrition - Food Foundations Program


well at the moment I,m making sandwiches , yohgurt and muesli, sao crackers with tomato and cheese, wraps, vege sticks celery,carrot,cucumber, cheese, and crackers & dips sultanas dried apricots but my problem is some of the children like some things like sandwiches ,wraps, cheese and crackers, and some hate tomato , sultanas, muesli so I’m trying to find ideas for our centre that is quick to prepare, and I don’t have to cook , and low in cost. so its a bit tricky.


HI Sheree,
It sounds like you are doing a great job with everything you are preparing!! It is hard catering to please everyone. What we sometime remind staff is that, if a chef was cooking the same meal for 100 people, they would be unlikely that every single person would like the meal that they are served, as we all have our own taste preferences and foods we like and don’t like. This is the same for children. Although we strive to provide food that they will all eat, it is also about encouraging children to try new foods in a safe and positive environment. Just because a child does not like a food one day, it may not mean they wont try it another day. If you have foods that you are finding problematic will several children eating, perhaps the educators could do activities around those foods/food groups in their rooms to heighten children’s awareness of these foods and where they come from.
Other options for snacks could be rice or corn thins with ricotta cheese… Depending on time and availability, you could toast some tortilla wraps and then serve with warmed baked beans and cheese on top as a healthy alternative to nachos.
Best wishes
Nicole Bentley
NAQ Nutrition - Food Foundations Program


thanks so much Nicole I will defiantly work on those areas.


Pleasure Sheree, make sure you let us know how it all goes!